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He’s a successful entrepreneur trained in multiple communication methods, and she’s a presentation coach turned relationship hacker. After both consciously uncoupling from their spouses, Shai and Lea met and instantly bonded over a mutual love of heart-centered communication.

After using the SPARC Method in their own relationship and in other relationships, they realized the process was much too valuable to keep to themselves and wished to bring it to the world. Shai and Lea are calm, caring, and compassionate coaches who help you defuse conflict during challenging conversations and create a loving new foundation for your relationship.



After learning the SPARC Method, it quickly became one of my favorite go-to relationship tools, for love and friendship alike! In a private session with Shai and Lea, my partner and I were able to communicate in a more open, transparent, and connected way than ever before. They held such amazing space and I have recommended their co-creation to so many people since then!
Andrea N.

SPARC has truly has changed my life. I used to be quite the hot head, but now as I use SPARC and lower people’s resistance I can clearly see that 9 times out of 10, I am able to reason and compromise with whoever I am speaking with in a calm manner. I have used it in romantic relationships, work relationships, family disputes, treating patients and while giving advice to friends. It has allowed me to take a completely different look at communication.
Elena I.

I ALWAYS struggled in the communication department. A simple conversation in some cases would turn into a fight or someone making fun of the other.  This led to many weeks of not speaking to one another and created animosity amongst family members. I never believed there was a “better” or “different” way to handle some of these situations because this is how I was raised.  After learning SPARC, I can now personally defuse these situations without even having to raise my voice.  The saying goes “calmer heads will always prevail” and that could not be a truer statement when it comes to SPARC.

As a very high strung and passionate person, my emotions would often take over any conversation, negotiations and even simple interactions with my children. SPARC has helped me think rationally and make the other person see things from my point of view while them doing the same for me. I have managed to convince many people to “do it my way” but even more importantly I was able to see things from their perspective and reach more amicable resolutions to many awkward situations.
Effi A.